Health & Fitness Advocate, Media Professional, Race Director, Athlete and Running Coach



Dawn Angelique Roberts is an award-winning communications professional with over 20 years experience. Roberts serves as a health and wellness advocate, public relations consultant, social media strategist, special events manager, race director, and USATF Coach. Dawn Angelique Roberts is a professional with a purpose.

As co-founder and chief running officer of Elite Access Running, LLC, race director for the National Association of Black Journalists Annual 5K Run/Walk and volunteer endurance coach for the American Cancer Society, DeterminNation program, Dawn runs and coaches others to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

An avid runner and an accomplished athlete since high school, Dawn and her team were state champions for four years straight in cross country, indoor and outdoor track. She was afforded the opportunity to attend college on a track scholarship where she had the opportunity to continue on winning teams.

Dawn has run three marathons, over a dozen half marathons, numerous 10 milers, 10k’s, 5k’s and mile races.

Happy to serve and encourage other athletes to reach their running and fitness goals, Dawn serves as a running coach and pace leader and coordinator for beginning and experienced runners.

Dawn’s race management experience includes serving as an ambassador and race director for several running events and running clubs.

A native of Philadelphia, Dawn is a health and wellness enthusiast, motivational speaker and brand ambassador. She enjoys all things running and enjoys encouraging and teaching others the values of healthy living and active lifestyles.


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