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Run Like Me … Thoughts about the Run!

Run Like Me … My thoughts on my run … Train your mind! 


#Truth #Trainyourmind

Today’s run almost didn’t happen. My excuse, it’s cold. Yes, it was a little chilly but I ran anyway.  Of course, I warmed up.

As a runner, half the battle is getting out the door.

Post Run Selfie

Post-Run Selfie #RunLikeMe

Yesterday, same thought, different day. Yesterday was beautiful temperature wise, but very windy with a little rain. I ran anyway. The little voice inside said it’s too windy to run, but the voice I listened to said the weather is perfect. Let’s take advantage of this beautiful day.

The point, train your mind. I’m so glad I listened to the voice that encouraged me to run. No excuses … You will not feel like running or working out all the time. Some days will be better than others. There will be days when you have to talk to yourself a little more. You will have to encourage yourself a little more.

Train your mind! What is your motivation? Perhaps you have a race coming up, after all, it’s race season.


How to Train Your Mind and Body and Lose Weight Fast

#TheBodyAchieves … #Believe!


My motivation … I have two races this month, the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon & 8K, I’m racing the 8K. And I have the Mud Hen Half Marathon, 8K and 5K, I’m racing the 8K again.  After my 8K races, I have a 10-mile race in May, the Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

What is your motivation? Please share, I would love to hear from you. 🙂

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